Hypno- and psychotherapy

In my practice I use the most current techniques of hypnotherapy and the most modern methods of psychotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a scientifically recognized, modern and yet traditional therapeutic method, which has been validated in Germany since 2006 and in America since 1952. That the state of hypnosis exists can be proven in every person with modern brain diagnostics.

The practice takes up the challenge to make hypnosis successfully usable for the patient with the most different problems, disturbances and clinical pictures.

I mainly use hypnosis for therapy with anxiety, panic, sexual disorders and psychosomatic diseases.
I will be happy to advise and inform you during an initial consultation.

My therapy is multimodal and individual. This means that numerous, additional approaches are used in addition to the classical methods in hypnotherapy.

Good psychotherapy should be committed to the person and not be limited to championing individual methods.

The following approaches and forms of therapy are used in my practice:

  • Hypnotherapy, hypnosystemics and hypnoanalysis.
  • Depth psychology according to Freud and Carl Gustav Jung
  • Individual therapy according to Adler
  • Bioenergetic analysis according to Lowen and Reich
  • Logotherapy according to Viktor Frankl
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Transpersonal psychology according to Henricks
  • Cognitive psychotherapy according to Beck
  • Trauma therapy
  • Communication therapy according to Paul Watzlawick

Transpersonal hypnotherapy means that the methodology is open to new concepts and shares the respective techniques as well as methods of other forms of therapy. My kind of hypnotherapy is committed solely to effectiveness and feasibility and questions even the most dogmatic principles of the great thinkers of the psychotherapeutic school. The human being is in the foreground with a humanistic worldview of appreciation and congruence.

This also means that every person, regardless of his suffering and mental pressure, already brings everything he needs to solve his problems.
The therapist serves as a companion and gives impulses. Basically, the therapist is a travel companion through one’s own subconscious.

“He who looks outward, dreams.
He who looks within, awakens.”

Carl Gustav Jung, famous neurologist and founder of depth psychology