Sexual therapy

Sexuality plays an important role in the life of every person!

Every person deals with this issue in the course of his life. Considering that, according to our current knowledge, we have the most complicated nervous system in the universe, it becomes clear that our sexuality is also prone to a variety of disorders and problems.

In my practice I am aware of the sensitivity of this topic and work with a high degree of empathy, openness and discretion.

Sex therapy can be broadly divided into four areas:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Sexual preference disorders
  • Gender identity disorders
  • Sexual trauma

Sexual dysfunctions

Dysfunction refers to recurrent difficulties in experiencing the sexual act pleasurably and painlessly.

Women often suffer from pain during sexual intercourse (vaginismus, dyspareunia), loss of libido and orgasmic disturbances. Of course, there are other sexual difficulties, which are treated in the practice. Statistically, the above mentioned are the most frequent..

Men suffer mainly from failure of genital responses (formerly called impotence, now often called erectile dysfunction), premature ejaculation (ejaculation praecox) and listlessness. Of course, there are other forms of disorders here as well.

Other disorders in this area are also treated. I guarantee you an open and appreciative atmosphere during the initial consultation.

Sexual preference disorders

Not everyone has the same sexual preferences.
In our modern society it is also usually easy to find someone who wants to live out the same types of play.

Nevertheless, there are inclinations from which people suffer because they are socially unacceptable or even cause suffering for others or because they simply do not appeal to the partner you love.

Even if it is difficult to seek help here, I offer a safe space in my practice to work through these issues. Of course, I guarantee the highest level of discretion here.

Topics include:

  • Fetishism
  • Transvestitism
  • Pedophilia
  • Frotteurism
  • Necrophilia
  • Sodomy/Zoophilia
  • Coprophilia
  • Urophilia
  • and many more…

Gender identity disorders

Not everyone is felt to be “born in the right body”.

What is unimaginable for many people can be a major suffering in the lives of those affected.

Meaningful, therapeutic support can be a valuable help here. There are many issues for which psychotherapy can be of assistance.

Please understand that psychotherapy in this case is supportive and not qualifying for gender reassignment surgery. You will need further therapy with a psychological psychotherapist.

Sexual trauma

Not everyone has the good fortune to have exclusively good experiences in sexuality.

Healthy sexuality requires free self-determination as to what one wants to practice, when, with whom and whether. This is an absolute fundamental right. Tragically, many people have different experiences during their lives. These experiences can manifest into traumatic memories that can have a massive impact on life, the ability to allow closeness and to love, and of course on the quality of life.

Modern methods of hypnotherapy and its possibilities for trauma management process traumas in a safe framework, empathically and self-determining.

Sexual trauma should not be a condition that burdens a lifetime. Everyone has the right to sexual self-determination without the burden of past bad experiences.

I guarantee a protective atmosphere and, if needed, a network of professional contacts for any further questions.

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