As a private practice, it is possible for me to offer some advantages over health insurance benefits:

  • Fast and prompt appointments
  • No months of waiting and no waiting lists
  • I take at least 90 minutes per session for you
  • High level of discretion: there is no sharing of your information with insurance companies or pension providers unless you request it
  • I am not limited to using procedures approved by health insurance companies. I focus on the individual person
  • My form of therapy is a short-term therapy, which means that the average patient is in treatment between 8-12 sessions
  • An initial consultation allows for getting to know each other and reasonable assessment of an initial diagnosis/differential diagnosis
  • Psychotherapy should always remain a special form of communication!


Initial interview *€50.00
(90 minutes)

* The cost of the initial call will be counted towards the first appointment when the first appointment is reached.

The costs for psychotherapy are tax deductible!