Panic disorder

Panic disorder: Panic disorder is also called episodic paroxysmal anxiety disorder. The Latin name reveals that the panic attacks occur suddenly and involuntarily. This means there is no need for a special cause. However, practical experience shows that panic attacks may well be “triggered” and patients may develop panic as a result of external triggers (events in the environment) or internal triggers (interpretation of bodily processes).

Important in the diagnosis of panic disorder is the differential diagnosis, which means that other mental and physical disorders must be excluded. This is done by asking the therapist about the symptoms and possible physical examinations by a general practitioner or specialist. For example, a blood count or an ultrasound of the thyroid gland can provide valuable data.

Panic disorder is well treatable from the perspective of modern psychotherapy** and modern studies indicate a cure rate of up to 90%, at least according to the preliminary data of a study conducted by the University of Greifswald*** Other studies come to similar, though not quite as good results.

Long-term drug therapy of panic disorders, for example, is considered critical in behavioral therapy because anxiety-relieving drugs overall avoid avoidance behavior with the trigger or (in depth psychology terms) with the original conflict in anxiety disorders. To be fair, it should also be mentioned here that experts disagree about the use of psychotropic drugs. ****

From my own therapeutic point of view, a well-healed anxiety disorder in general and a panic disorder in particular is like a healed heartbreak: the memory is still there, but you cannot imagine feeling these feelings again. (In the case of heartbreak just for the person concerned, in the case of panic disorder one feels very far away from the original feelings of panic).

Conclusion: Panic disorder is treatable! What is important is a thorough approach, a therapy method that suits you and which you trust, and a good relationship of trust with your therapist.

Treatment of panic disorders with hypnosis

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