Phobias: Phobias are strong fear reactions that can go as far as a panic attack, but have a trigger: Either a specific object, situation, or other trigger. (For example: blood, vomit, other people or department stores). Important to the diagnosis here is that the fear is unreasonable and/or irrational.

Phobias are divided into the following subtypes:

  • Animal type (e.g. spiders, cats),
  • Force of nature type (e.g., thunderstorms, water),
  • blood injection/injury type (e.g. injection by syringe),
  • situational type (e.g., airplane, elevator),
  • other unspecified types (e.g., buttons, before certain days of the week, letters, etc.)

Conclusion: There are a variety of approaches to phobias. Almost every form of therapy that I know of has an explanation of why phobias arise and how to treat them. Accordingly, it is possible to find an individual form of treatment for almost every patient.

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